Line-up 2014

Diffusion of Good Practices via Norm Entrepreneur Networks
Why GoogleOmics Is Overdue and Why Biologists Ain't No Millionaires (yet)
How Does a Fluid Flow in Soil
Bitcoin: What It Is and What It Is Not
Autonomous Driving
Emergent Nature of Physical Law
Why is DNA Awesome

Rwanda: An Evening with Katarina Molnarova

Workshops 2014

The Making of Tiramisu
The Game of Life
The Beauty of Music


This year's venue is in Tuscany, Italy after four previous years in Oxford. The goal of this change is to keep the event as energised and innovative as possible and to attract attendants from all over the globe.


Accommodation: SOS 2014 will occupy the whole Villa Mariolina Grande, which consists mainly of double and triple rooms. The standard capacity is 34 people.

Transport: Villa Mariolina Grande is between the historical cities of Florence and Arezzo. We recommend either to fly to Florence Airport, or to take a night train Vienna to Florence, or Zurich to Florence. There are also many low-cost carriers flying to Pisa.